Jamaicans in Florida invigorated by Harris on 2020 ticket

Kamala Harris

MIAMI  – As the final days to the Nov 3 United States presidential election draws near, there is a fierce battle to sway voters for results in Florida and ultimately determine who wins the White House. This time around campaigns are relying less on Latino support and heavily on the Caribbean community.

Florida represents 10 million voters who participate in elections often decided by a mere percentage point, as history has shown. This year is particularly interesting as Latinos become less important and other communities are standing out.

The booming Black Caribbean community centered in Broward County becomes a focal point in this election.

Voters in this Democratic stronghold are eager to defeat Trump and are even more energized to turn out in support of California Senator  Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate whose father is Jamaican.

Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, is the county with the most Jamaicans in the United States. Florida has more than 974,000 people of West Indian ancestry.

Many feel that a part of Jamaica will be in the White House and therefore they must turn out to vote.

According to census figures, the total includes more than 300,000 Jamaicans and more than 530,000 Haitians.