Solar Powered Boutique Hotel Opens on Exuma

boutique-hotelNASSAU, Bahamas — On a remote cay off Great Exuma, Bahamas, sits a small luxury boutique hotel waiting to be explored.

Lumina Point, which officially opened at the end of November, features 12 rooms, a gym, spa, pool, restaurant, and a pavilion for weddings and yoga overlooking its private beach.

This resort is also eco-friendly and completely powered by solar panels.

Jenny Kettel, general manager of the resort, said the hotel has been open since mid-February.

“We opened in a rush, before we were finished because the owner’s son got married on March 5,” Kettel said. “So, we opened in the middle of February and at the end of February he bought a lot of his friends down to test the place out.

“We’ve been totally full twice so far.”

She said the resort has plans to add 24 more rooms.

“The owner, Mark Maynard, feels that Exuma has given a lot to him. So he built this particular one for Exuma,” she said.

Legend has it that Maynard is a descent of Robert Maynard the British captain who defeated the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

Kettel joked that, “He (Mark) says that. I think it makes a fun story.”

Lumina Point is surrounded by a lush and unspoiled landscape of coppice forest. Guests can expect to be picked up at the Exuma airport and transported by boat to the private island.

With 360 degree panoramic views of Exuma’s electric blue waters, Lumina Point is a gorgeous property for those looking to escape the fast-paced life of the city.