This week’s question:

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Do you believe that Caribbean and Mexican migrant farm workers in Canada should be granted permanent resident status?



Michelle Dickson  

Program Coordinator

No I don’t think they should be granted permanent residence status as I assume most workers are the sole providers for their family. We wouldn’t just be granting the workers status but would need to consider their families as well. 

However, what migrant workers should be provided with are better provisions for their health, safety and protection from being taken advantage of financially.

 Mani Singh

Real Estate Salesperson

“Yes! I do think migrant workers in Canada should be given landed immigrant status. If these workers could come here year after year, and do our menial jobs, like picking fruits and vegetables, taking care of our farms, and sometimes working under semi-slave conditions, then we owe this right to them.

Fred Thornhill


 Migrant farm workers are vital to the labour force. After completing three consecutive years, workers they should be eligible to apply for permanent residence. Successful applications should continue in the programme for another year before accepting other employment. The Domestic Workers Programme produced outstanding citizens and the migrant farm workers can do likewise.

 Anthony G. Ledon


 Yes ,I believe migrant farm workers should be able to obtain permanent resident status  in Canada. 

Most likely  they worked in agriculture in their countries and  because of their knowledge of farm work they were hired for the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program.. Perhaps they can teach Canadians how to farm properly and we may have more fresh local produce instead of  imported food shipped in from other countries .

Samuel Mingo


Yes, I think they should be given a chance.  They have left their homes and have come to Canada to  do jobs that Canadians don’t want. So why shouldn’t they enjoy some of  the benefits which Canadian immigrants receive?

 Ross Cadasse

Recruiting Director

The Canadian farm workers program has its criteria and set of rules that governs the expectations by both farm workers and the employers. From my perspective, there is a process and criteria by which one can obtain permanent residence in Canada and if the migrant farm workers meet that criteria, they should be allowed like anyone else. That said, I think there needs to be more dialogue between all parties involved in order to determine what works.