15 singers to vie for the crown in Calypso Monarch Competition

Fifi defends her Crown
Fifi defends her Crown

The Organization of Calypso Performing Artistes (OCPA) of Toronto has announced the finalists and their order of appearance for  the 2016 Calypso Monarch Competition to be held at the Latvian

Canadian cultural centre in East York on Sunday July 24.

A news release from OCPA says there is ” a new format” this year for the annual competition.

All 15 entrants  have been placed directly into the finals and each will sing one song.

The following  are the finalists in the order of appearance.

1.Web (Hamilton Alexander)

2.Dynasty (Alfred Caton)

3.Dennis James

  1. King Cosmos (Henry Gomez)
  2. Loveman Ken (Ken Merchant)

6.Scotty (Hamilton Scott)

7.Lady Scorpio (Norma Coar)

  1. Mr.Wonderful (Steve Clarke)
  2. Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods)
  3. Brown Sugar (Colleen Trotman)
  4. Antz (Wendell Ramdeen)
  5. Connector (Joel Davis)
  6. Kenny C (Kennedy Caliste)
  7. Special T (Troy Sheppard)
  8. De Carra (Leslie Carrabon)



Tickets for the competition can be obtained from Frances at 416-284-4021, Glenda at 416-445-3919 or Tara at 647-347-5936