15 youth put passion to purpose

By Gerald V. Paul

Passion to Purpose Youth Enterprise grad Tony Baptiste with R.E.D.D. founder Quenton Campbell. Gerald V. Paul Photo
Passion to Purpose Youth Enterprise grad Tony Baptiste with R.E.D.D. founder Quenton Campbell.
Gerald V. Paul Photo

Quenton Campbell, founder / facilitator of R.E.D.D. (Realizing Every Developing Dream) praised the 15 new youth business people at the Passion to Purpose graduation and networking recently at the Radisson Hotel.

“R.E.D.D. was created to mentor youth about financial literacy and planning, recognizing the need was not being filled by the school system,” Campbell said.

He said R.E.D.D. has set out to show youth how Canada’s financial system works and how it can be utilized for wealth creation. It covers aspects such as money supply, mortgages and real estate, tax planning and investment strategies.

“We are working all across Toronto to educate and enlighten. We recognize that students respond to us positively as we can relate to them on their level and we aim to uplift as many young people as possible through our social enterprise efforts,” Campbell said.

Soul-R Damon, managing director, IMPACT ‘n’ Communities noted that “Springboard Employment Services and IMPACT ‘n’ Communities have partnered for the inaugural delivery of the innovative and dynamic Passion to Purpose Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

“We provide tools and supports for youth to gain extensive business knowledge, explore opportunities, set and achieve goals, business leadership development, creating unique solutions and gain practical experience, amalgamating the skills necessary to bring enterprising ideas to life.”

He said it’s where youth can have fun while learning about life, themselves and how to handle things better.

“They can come and chill, connect with good people and real staff who can relate to what they’re going through. We have programs including basketball, leadership, life skills, counseling, arts, music, singing, acting, poetry, dance and cooking.”

Damon said they also help youth find a part-time job or obtain volunteer community hours for school.

Jasmine Artis-Longhurst, manager, employment services, said that in a society where youth employment opportunities are becoming increasingly scarce, the need for entrepreneurship to become a viable and sustainable employment option is becoming even more prevalent.

“We at Springboard Employment Services are so pleased at the overall outcome of this unique program where 15 youth businesses were successfully registered and are actively engaged in day-to-day business operations, generating revenue and turning dreams into reality,” Artis-Longhurst said.

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul