Wild Meat Parang Show

PARANG STARS: Singers Leon Coldero, left, and Kenny J, are pictured on the stage at the JJ Swaggat Banquet Hall in Markham where they headlined the Wild Meat Parang Show last Saturday. The event featured local band Los Amigos and other Toronto performers, and was a thrill for the crowd starved for the traditional Trinidadian Christmas music at this time of year. If you’re curious as to the name of the show, well, wild meat is often on the plates of many Trinis at Christmas, and the organisers of this event made sure they didn’t miss out on that treat either, as there was wild meat on the menu. The next big Parang show in Toronto will be on December 1, and will feature superstars Crazy and Baron as well as Kenny J in a return performance at the Scarborough Convention Centre. ROBERT RANJITSINGH PHOTO