Marching to the Promised Land

By Gerald V. Paul
Last Sunday …it’s was Church! Glory! Can I get an …Amen!

Rev. Glentis Samuel gave praise to the Lord for a powerful sermon delivered by Senator Don Meredith at the St. Matthew's Anglican Cathedral's Fourth Annual Black Heritage. (Photo by Gerald V. Paul)
Rev. Glentis Samuel gave praise to the Lord for a powerful sermon delivered by Senator Don Meredith at the St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral’s Fourth Annual Black Heritage. (Photo by Gerald V. Paul)

Good, ole time religion pentecostal preaching from the dynamic Senator Don Meredith at the Fourth Annual Black Heritage Celebration worship service, St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral – An Anglo- Catholic Parish in Toronto.

With the theme on his mind: “Marching to the Promised “Land” in Faith and Hope,” Rev. Meredith took the opportunity to share his passion, mission, vision, values for our beloved youth- “reppin in the congregation!

Senator Meredith is dedicated to championing a National Youth Strategy which provides youth with programming and tools for future access. He is also leading efforts to erect a national monument in honour of the military contributions of Black Canadians. Meredith is extremely committed to the promotion of multiculturalism in Canada and was recently awarded the Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award for his contributions to the promotion of diversity.

The active community and anti-crime advocate, Senator Meredith has been tireless in his work to counter gun and youth crime. And the Agape love continued with Rev. Father Glentis G. Samuel, Incumbent, “We are indeed very pleased to welcome ..Dr. Meredith, whose relentless efforts in lobbying the governments at all levels, during the gun violence of our unemployed youths, and having brought many meaningful changes that already have a positive effect on the youths of our communities.”

Rev. Samuel reminded the brethren “As we march we are doing so for a season and we should not be fooled in thinking or believing that we are out of the woods just yet. Those of us who have called Canada our home have fought many battles and experienced many struggles, even in the church of God. Yet we are marching for a purpose, and it is important for us to keep our focus and not be fooled.“

Rev. Samuel exhorted the brethren “Racism is alive and doing very well in the African-Diaspora, and we must not be frustrated by the bigotry but continue to articulate our vision of who we are and what we represent.

“Black Canadians have played an important role in shaping Canada’s national story….Today’s event is representative of the many celebrations taking place across the country to honour the proud history of Black Canadians. I hope younger generations find inspiration in this legacy to build upon the community’s achievements. On behalf of the Government of Canada, please accept my best wishes for a meaningful and memorable service,” was Prime Minister Stephen Harper ‘s greetings to the gathering.