The question this week is.

What’s on your mind as you ring in 2017 ?

Please tell us about your aspirations and conerns with the arrival of the New Year.

Mahadeo Sankar (Duce), Stacey Marie Robinson, Sharon Joseph, Edwin Terry, Lincoln Jeffrey & Lindy Burgess

Stacey Marie Robinson

Writer / Communications Specialist Kya Publishing

As I ring in 2017, I can’t help but think about the evolution of social media and technology and how it will affect the minds and activities of the younger generation. Communication has been changed so drastically as a result of technology, and you see evidence of this every day on the streets, in the media, in business, in the arts and entertainment world, and sadly even in politics. While the destructive (and sometimes petty) elements are clear, I would love to see more innovative advancements for the benefit of society, education, and positive social relationships.

Sharon Joseph

Executive Director for Breakaway Relief Foundation


In leaving 2016 and thinking about the future, I hope we can all collectively reflect on past experiences and think of ways to progress from them. For 2017 I imagine a year with hope, optimism and growth. For this year we should all remember that we have the power to shape our future and our destiny can be realized from our own hard work and potential.


Mahadeo Sankar (Duce)

General Manager

Canstaff  Employment Agency

I remain optimistic for 2017 in every aspect. Despite the increase in house prices, increase in utility bills, health care and interest rate. We must not let these affect our overall impression of 2017. But we must continue to work together and unite as one and get the message out to the people who can make the changes to ensure we can live our lives comfortably. After all, we have a whole year to look forward to.


Lindy Burgess

Artistic Director,

La Petite Musicale of Toronto.

As the new year rings in, it’s a time for reflection and hope. A new chapter in life is waiting to be explored and new goals are being set. It’s a time of forgiveness.

For those who like change – “new” is mostly exciting. For those who don’t like change – “new” is mostly stressful. So let’s set our focus in the right direction!

Peace, happiness & plenty love for 2017!


Lincoln Jeffrey


Now getting to the point, I am appall/ deeply saddened by the behavior of our children together with their general lack of discipline. This I have attributed to the serious lack of the majority of professionals within the Caribbean society to act as role models and mentors to the young generation.

In response to the last part of the question, my aspirations for 2017 are to complete my graduate studies in law; not to be a lawyer but to have the necessary skills set as an International Engineering Project Manager to navigate the evolving geopolitical state of affairs in today’s global societies.


Edwin Terry

Scholarship Chair

Tringo Club  Toronto

We pray for peace Health And Happiness, as we enter this new era on Jan 20 th. The world is watching as we meander down this new road. For the youth i wish them

well as a number of them strive for excellence among the various twists and turns in life, Happy New Year to all. God Bless.