A book kids can sink their teeth into

Smile Bright
Smile Bright

It’s a dilemma that many parents encounter on a daily basis around the world – getting their young children to brush their teeth regularly. Then, once the teeth decay, parents experience the trauma associated with going to the dentist.

To help, dental assistant Jazey Wallace from St. Vincent and the Grenadines came up with the idea of Smile Bright,   a short story and activity book that teaches children the importance of brushing and the effects of fluoride on the teeth even when decay starts.

“Parents are responsible for their children’s oral health,” Wallace says. “I wrote Smile Bright so that children and parents can understand the true cause of caries. Often a child’s first visit to the dental clinic is due to pain because of badly decayed teeth. If proper brushing habits are developed early, cavities can be prevented.”

The book introduces children to Molly, Harry, and Tom. Molly is suffering from dental pains because she has not been brushing regularly. Harry and Tom must get her past sugary dangers and to the dentist so that she can get help.

The illustrations are by Vincentian artist Peter Providence and according to the publisher, CaribbeanReads Publishing, the artworks are lively and humorous and will entertain all readers.

Smile Bright casts the dentist in a very positive light and so it not only encourages children to read and to brush their teeth but also it will relieve their fear of the dentist’s chair. The book, aimed at children four to nine years old, is available on Amazon and in select bookstores.