A Fete of Epic Proportions full of Energy

By Stephen Weir

Epic Mas

April is the time in Toronto when Jerrol “Stretch” Augustine bandleader of EPIC Mas Launches his band and Stretch knows how to put on a fete.  This year on April 18th his band is going to show the city just how exciting a band launch can be.

The number one medium sized band in the 2019 Toronto Caribbean Carnival parade is holding an early launch at the large Cinnamon Banquet Hall on McNicoll Avenue in Scarborough.

“Our theme for 2020 is ENERGY,” said Augustine when speaking to the Caribbean Camera yesterday. “Energy is one of the pillars of what EPIC Carnival stands for.  E.P.I.C or Energy. Passion. Imagination and Culture. We want our masqueraders to release their energy on the road with us this year!”

Epic is one of the first competing bands to hold a costume launch in 2020.  They will have ten sections on stage presenting costumes under the Energy theme. With a month to go before the fete, the Mas Band may add a few more sections as designs become available.

“We have a Grenadian Soca Artiste Skinny Banton (Soak It Good and Front Yard Wet) coming for the launch so it will not only be just a costume showcase but an entertaining party full of Artistic energy!”

“ We have been working on this since early January,” continued Stretch. “Our goal is get people involved and signed up for the 2020 Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade.  I know we can grow our numbers so that we can compete  a Big Band in the parade.”

EPIC has brought on De Limers Inc. to stage the coming launch. They are a popular event promoting company that describes itself as “a Business founded on the simple principles and pleasures of Limin’.”

“Our Mas Camp is not yet determined but we will have registration on our website after the launch,” said Stretch. “We will have early registration for those who want to save their spot in the band. We are very active on Instagram (@epic_carnival), so your readers should look for us there!”