A losing bettor’s offensive message sent to Raptors’ centre Chris Boucher


By Staff Reporter

The message to Chris Boucher: “I Chose The Wrong Slave Today”

Chris Boucher

Sports betting has become increasingly popular over the years, but unfortunately, it has also given rise to a new form of harassment directed towards individual players by salty fans who have lost their bets. Toronto Raptors’ Chris Boucher recently shared his experience of receiving a disgusting message from a sports bettor after he failed to score 10 points in a game.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Boucher revealed that the message he received was deeply offensive. The bettor had called him a “slave” and expressed his frustration by saying that he had chosen the “wrong slave” because Boucher had only scored five points in the game, and the bettor needed him to score 10.

Boucher’s revelation has once again highlighted the issue of how some fans tend to target individual players for their losses in betting. While it is understandable to get frustrated after losing money, it is never acceptable to send such messages to NBA players or any other athlete for that matter.

At the end of the day, betting on sports involves risks, and bettors should be aware of that. It is unfair to hold individual players responsible for their losses, and it is even more unacceptable to resort to such vile behavior.

Bettors should always remember to behave responsibly and not to take their frustrations out on players. They should refrain from sending abusive messages that can harm players’ mental health and affect their performance on the court.

Finally, sports betting can be a fun and exciting activity, but it should never be an excuse for abusive behavior towards players. Fans should remember to show respect and appreciation towards athletes, who work hard to entertain and inspire us with their performances.