A race kart for Reagan

Chris Gobin, Eric Rodrigues, Jannette Hines & Fabian Livingston and (Regan Rodrigues Inserted)

Mention the name Reagan Rodrigues to auto racing enthusiasts in Guyana and you are likely to hear some amazing stories about speed on the South Dakota circuit.

Rodrigues who was managing director of the family business – Rick and Sari Industries – in Georgetown, had a passion for racing – on bicycles, motor bikes and behind the wheel of his Ford Escort, Mugen Honda and his famous Mazda RX7.

And as Eric, his younger brother, recalls, Reagan who died in 2004, ” reigned on the racing circuit in Guyana  for more than three years, beating everyone in his path.”

Eric who is the owner-operator of Exclussif Spices & Wholesalers Ltd. in Toronto, also notes that” he (Reagan) still holds the record for the youngest cyclist (at age 14) to win a six- stage

” He won it at all stages,”

” And with his favourite number, 56, Reagan went on to racing motor bikes in which he also excelled.

Now Eric, along with his sons and daughters, is paying tribute to Reagan for what he (Eric) describes as “Reagan’s racing prowess.

” And what better way can we honour him than with a race kart?”

The kart which Eric purchased –  a top of the line Rota Super Max 32.5cc with specially designed decals- is already on its way from Toronto to Guyana. It is expected to arrive there well in time for the May 22 race in which members of  the Rodrigues family will be participating in an endurance race.

Eric proudly notes that Reagan’s sons, Carlos and Reagan Jr., ” will be at  the steering wheel of the Rota Super Max” for an endurance race.

And Eric’s seven year old niece, Page,  who has already started racing on the Dakota circuit, “will also be in the kart that day for another event.”