A Soca artist with real Sstyles


Last Tuesday The Camera hooked up with Sstyles, fresh outta sweet T and T and the Canadian-born artist of the west end was down with it!

“Music lives in my veins,” is tattooed on his arm. Nuff said?

He believes in go big or go home so he was off the roots enjoying the precious time with his family, friends and promoting his brand.

“I was glad to go connect to my heritage man, it’s who I am as an artist,” said Sstyles#stickywow.

The businessman, head designer of Brand Your Business Services with HD stressed, “Not too many of us are independent Soca artists so we all need to move together, as a unit.”

The community builder, actor and model in the west end of Toronto is bringing positive vibes and believes in telling the good news in the area.

He lamented the loss of lives by guns in his area and noted it’s time to make a difference.

His music is not only for Trinidad or Toronto as his single made the top 10 Soca songs for 2016 Frontline Radio, England.

Rapping was his entry into the music-business world and, of course, he stills raps.

“It’s about building a legacy,” the singer and songwriter said.

Sstyles is all about style and profile: Tape (Soca 2016); Clothing Lines in The 6; #SponorSocaThe 6ix; Rvpstar by Sstyles (official music video) and #Stickwow.