A ‘Tale’ about the film fest

By Gerald V. Paul

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul

So the Eyes guy received the blessings from our President and CEO Anthony Joseph of The Caribbean Camera – we were the media sponsor of the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival – to grace the closing ceremony last Saturday at the Royal Cinema.

It was an opportunity to mix and mingle with the business and cultural proponents and movers and shakers. Also, to check out: Forward, Ever / Bruce Paddington / Grenada / former prime minister Maurice Bishop and of course Barbados sensation Alison Hinds, oops, the closing night film with Alison Hinds, her Two Smart feature. Shakirah Bourne and Ricky Redman / Barbados.

The Bishop story? Loved it to death, no pun intended. And Two Smart? Not my cuppa, scared the daylights out of me – missing was the sun, sand and sea. Time wasted on a wannabe thriller, methinks. Pray, tell did they outsmart themselves? Time will tell.

By the way, the Eyes guy had access – say wah- to the sweet Alison Hinds – yes, she mentioned her husband. Ah, well …

Anyway, I took the opportunity to spend some quality time with Barbados’ Senior Business Development Manager Cheryl Carter and Business Development Manager Jennifer-Ann Brathwaite, with Experience Barbados, On Us. A Barbados island inclusive: The Best of Barbados at the best price.

Book up to Sept. 30, inclusive, and receive “free spending money” (vouchers, with conditions). Please visit Barbados Tourism. With a five-night stay get US$150, maximum two in a room, or book seven nights or longer and get US$200 per person.

Eyesers, at a time when there is a re-thinking of Caribbean tourism and given that beautiful Barbados recently held the OAS Tourism Summit, along with the Barbados government pushing niche tourism, indeed, this is the way to go when it come to the business-tourism mix.

Ah! Enjoyed Barbados’ Innovator Caterer and Event Planner, Shelly’s delicious hands. Great food, great service from start to finish. According to owner of Shelly’s, Michelle Berry, “Pulling it together is a science. Holding it together is an art. Let us make your next get-together a truly memorable event.”

And the film industry in Barbados? “The Barbados government needs to encourage the building of such an industry for a win-win for all concerned,” said Ricardo Red, filmmaker of Two Smart.

Methinks Barbados can take a page out of Jamaica’s success storybook with it comes to the film industry. For instance, having graced the Film Industry Edition of First Friday’s at the Paint Box, a charming Carole Beckford, manager, Creative Industries and Film Commissioner, JAMPRO, gave a fantastic presentation at the Jamaican Consulate on “The resident talent will add magic to your production. A highly-skilled and experienced group of English-speaking professionals and technicians, trained and accredited, routinely works on international productions, filming on location (yes, location) in Jamaica year round.”

As a finale? Frances-Anne Solomon, president and founder of Leda Serene Films, the film and television production vehicle of CaribbeanTales, said she was happy with The Camera being on board as a print media sponsor for three years and is looking forward for a continued win-win relationship.

England born of Trinidad parents, Solomon said, “This event is bigger and better. The quality of the films is excellent and the Market Incubator was a successful event.”