Accompong Maroons celebrate treaty


KINGSTON, Jamaica – Accompong Maroons recently celebrated the 278th anniversary of the peace treaty with colonial Britain, which ended the Maroon wars, plus the launch of their community radio station, Abeng 88.7 FM.
Abeng 88.7 FM, which will highlight the Maroon culture, was funded by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at a cost of US$12,500. It will bring to 36, the number of radio stations operating in Jamaica.
The Accompong community contends that over centuries they perfected the art of communicating using a special equipment crafted by them and named the Abeng – an instrument made from a cow’s horn used to summon their people. Now, the word will take on added significance, as the name of their community radio station, dedicated to serving and advancing their history, development and indigenous cultural heritage.
Each year, on Jan. 6, Accompong Town celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty with the twice-defeated British colonial army, and the birthday of Kojo (Cudjoe), leader of the Leeward Maroons and brother of Nanny, leader of the Windward Maroons.
Accompong forms part of the Cockpit Country on the St. Elizabeth / Trelawny border.