Action plan has been developed to address systemic racism in RCMP

Brenda Lucki

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki told members of a standing committee on public safety and national security on Monday evening that an action plan has been developed to address systemic racism and discrimination within the force.

“We have a total of 17 initiatives that have been under development and are being implemented,” she said.

She   noted that  those initiatives include updating the forces de-escalation and crisis intervention training, adding that two task forces have been created.

The first will be looking into a standardized framework for intervention, Lucki explained.

“The second one is in response to calls to mental health or wellness calls,” she said. “And that is, again, to share best practices and to find the best ways to deal with such calls, because they are obviously on the increase.”

According to Lucki, the force is also “looking at making anti-racism training mandatory.”

“But we will be slightly delayed, because we are going to co-develop that anti-racism training with the people that are most impacted by that and getting a lot of input to create that training.”

In the meantime, she said all senior managers have taken “cultural and humility training.

“It’s rolled out to all employees, and it will be mandatory for each and every employee,” she said.

Lucki said they are also testing body-worn cameras for police in Nunavut and have established an Indigenous Co-Development, Collaboration and Accountability Office at the RCMP.

She said they are also looking at the force’s recruiting process.

“We’re looking at the way in which we recruit, we want to make sure that we are, in fact, reflective of the communities that we serve,” she said.

Overall, Lucki said they are looking at the organization “as a whole.”