Adaoma Patterson re-elected president of JCA

Adaoma Patterson

Last Sunday, August 23, the Jamaican Canadian Association hosted its Annual General Meeting. In addition to regular business, an election was held to fill positions that were vacant or up for renewal. The positions that were open this year were President, Executive Secretary, Director of Fundraising and one Director at Large. There were also vacancies for an Education Committee Chair and a Youth Committee Chair.

There was much anticipation for this years’ AGM and elections as it was the first ever to be held online.

Adaoma Patterson was successful in her bid for her final term as President. Adaoma has been a member of the JCA for 25 years. She was first elected President in 2016 and has steered the organization through some significant challenges including the current COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in total loss of hall rental revenue.

During the pandemic, under Adaoma’s leadership, the JCA has increased revenue, secured almost $100,000 in funding to support the Meals to Go Initiative, Saturday Morning Tutorial Program and expand the International Students Group. Some of her other achievements over the past four years include the creation of the ‘Burn the Mortgage’ Campaign in 2016, approval of a new strategic plan, increased partnerships and awareness of the JCA, an increased number of young adults in leadership roles and engagement with elected officials on a variety of issues affecting the Black community. Adaoma was also instrumental in the discussions that led to current efforts to gain regulatory approval for the Pan African Credit Union Initiative.

Joining the Board of Directors are Audrey Miller Raybould as Executive Secretary, Michelle Davis as Director of Fundraising and Benito Palomino as Director at Large. In addition to the newly minted Board Members, Phiona Lloyd-Henry and Jodi-Ann Campbell were the successful nominees for Education Committee and Youth Committee Chairs respectively.

Audrey Miller Raybould was born in Malton to Jamaican parents and raised in Brampton. She is currently a Vice Principal with the Peel District School Board after having taught with that Board in various roles for over 16 years.

Michelle Davis is a facilitator, researcher and educator and has worked in the fields of health, education, legal education, and international development. She completed her her MSc degree in Gender and DevelopmentStudies at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Michelle has worked on several projects including the World Bank’s review of gender issues in Jamaica, the Root Causes of Gender-based Violence in Jamaica study, and UN Women’s Transformational Leadership research project. She is currently a PhD candidate in Public Health at Walden University where her research will focus on Caribbean youth and their understandings of HIV/AIDS.

Benito Palomino was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica and attended St. Georges College, University of the West Indies, Norman Manley Law School and Seneca College. An Attorney and Accountant, has been practicing law for over 29 years as a partner in Palomino Gordon Law, Professional Corporation located in Brampton and Newmarket. He has a Master’s Degree in Accounting and is a licensed Mortgage Agent.

Phiona Lloyd Henry is a committed educator who has served as a classroom teacher, curriculum lead, resource teacher, coordinator and vice principal and who is passionate about working with others to create change that promotes equity and inclusivity.

Jodi-Ann Campbell is an entrepreneur and proud Jamaican Canadian. She wants to connect young people to programming that matters and resonates with them, while creating opportunities for young people to have gainful experiences and becoming an advocate for supporting young people.

The full slate of board members for 2020-2021 is listed below:

Adaoma Patterson – president; Michelle McKenzie-Dolly – vice president; Audrey Miller Raybould – executive secretary; David Betty – treasurer, Kashane Denton – Director of Communications;  Michelle Davis – Director of Fundraising;  Yolande Davidson – Director at Large; Benito Palomino – Director at Large.

Adaoma Patterson