Affordable Housing Summit to address challenges

By Stephen Weir

In a ground-breaking initiative, the University of Toronto is teaming up with Matrix Cares, the not-for-profit arm of Matrix Mortgage Global, to host a monumental conference and expo tackling Canada’s pressing housing challenges. The Affordable Housing Summit, Supply Chain Expo, and Skilled Trades Career Fair is scheduled to take place from May 22-26, 2024, in Toronto.

Shawn Allen

The purpose of this large business endeavour is to unravel the complexities of Canada’s housing issues and, more importantly, to forge innovative solutions through collaboration with key stakeholders and government entities.

Organizer Craigg Slowly explained the event’s goal, stating, “Meticulously crafted to demystify Canada’s housing challenges, the event aims to formulate innovative solutions by engaging key stakeholders and government branches.”

Notably, support for the initiative has poured in from various quarters, including Ellis Don, the United Way, the Royal Canadian Navy, the city of Toronto, and modular home builders.

The organizers expect to see over 10,000 attendees, this summit and expo offer an unprecedented opportunity to expand knowledge and establish meaningful professional connections. Slowly emphasizes that participants can actively contribute to a collective strategy aimed at achieving equitable housing solutions, not just in Ontario but across Canada.

Structured around seven pivotal areas, the summit provides a comprehensive framework for addressing key issues and fostering impactful discussions. These areas include Affordable Rental, Affordable Home Ownership, Co-ownership/Fractional Housing, Modular Builds (Single Family, Multi-Unit, ADUs), Financing (Grants, Incentives, Loans), Skilled Trade Training and Employment, and Sustainable Living, Renewable/Green Energy.

Shawn Allen, the founder of Matrix Cares, underscores the significance of attending the summit, describing it as a transformative platform to explore inventive concepts and shape secure, healthy, and sustainable living environments. Allen believes that this gathering in May could serve as a catalyst for real change in shaping the future of housing.

As the summit approaches, anticipation is building for what promises to be a critical juncture in the ongoing discourse on affordable housing, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise to pave the way for tangible solutions and a more inclusive housing landscape in Canada.