Ajax Active Marketplace creates drop-off for Pakistan donations


Ashmeed Khan and Zahid Malik with some donated products

Active Marketplace has made a commitment to support the victims of Pakistan floods. The marketplace will serve as a drop-off point for clothing medical supplies even cash; all are needed in Pakistan after the devastating floods a few weeks ago.

According to Zahid Malik, “about 33 million families have been left homeless and displaced by the flooding. Most of them are women and children. We’ve got to do whatever we can to support those in need.” Malika added, “the market has done the same for the people of Ukraine and several other places when the need arise, and Pakistan should not be any different.”

Malik thanked the hundreds of people who came to the Ajax Marketplace to drop off supplies for the people of Pakistan.

Ajax counsellor Ashmead Khan showed up with an SUV full of brand new clothing. Khan said that he was not there as a politician but as a good neighbour, and this is what neighbours do when people are in need. “We step up to the plate.” He went on to say that what he picked up for the clothing Drive was done in Ajax and Pickering and came from Canadians of all stripes, not only people from Pakistan. People saw the need and decided to help and this is what we should all do.

Malik said that the drop off point is in a stand-alone building that is closer to Notion Road and will be open 7 days a week. Khan went on to say that last Saturday’s news reported that there were over 60 million women and children who are without homes, walking the streets. “So we are calling on all the folks in Ontario to come together and support Pakistan the same way that we supported other countries.” He added that the clothing should be in clear bags and labeled if possible for easier shipping.

The Pakistani National Airline is also involved. They are taking all the medicines, hygiene material and tents. These items will go first by air while the clothing will leave by ship some time later this week. The containers will start leaving pretty soon.

“We hope to support a lot of families back in Pakistan,” said Malik.