Allison Russell wins first Grammy

Canadian folk singer-songwriter Allison Russell won Best American Roots Performance at the 2024 Grammys for her song “Eve Was Black.”

Allison Russell

She accepted the award on Sunday night at a ceremony ahead of the main gala.

Russell has received eight Grammy nominations, four Canadian Folk Music Awards and two Juno Awards.

She was born in Montreal to a Grenadian father who left Canada before he knew that her (Russell’s) Scottish-Canadian teenaged mother was pregnant.

Russell was initially placed in foster care but her mother regained custody of her after marrying an American expatriate.

Allison Russell

After experiencing abuse, Russell ran away from home at aged 15. She eventually moved to Vancouver and formed a band ,Po’ Girl, in the early 2000,

She later started a duo, Birds of Chicago, with JJ Nero whom she married in 2013.

In 2021, Russell released her first solo album, Outside Child, which explores her experiences during her youth, including her recovery from childhood abuse.