Amanda Parris’ “For the Culture” unveiled

Amanda Parris, the award-winning creator, broadcaster, and playwright, has brought to life a groundbreaking documentary series titled “For the Culture,” now streaming on CBC Gem.

Amanda Parris

This series,years in the making, takes viewers on a profound journey across three countries to connect with Black communities.

In an interview, Parris  noted how the experience of creating this series has transformed her, saying,“I feel shifted by the experience. I feel transformed by a lot of the things that I learned and the things that people told me.”

This project, a passion born during the pandemic, aims to highlight the experiences of Black people globally, touching on topics like the failures of education systems, the complexities of the Black hair business, and the concept of the glass ceiling.

Parris spoke of the personal nature of this series, stating, “I am constantly thinking about culture, race, and social issues.” She , delved into the stories and experiences of Black individuals, celebrities, and everyday people, across various countries including Canada, the UK, and Grenada.

One particularly impactful episode focuses on Black maternal health, inspired by her personal struggles within the healthcare system. She said she was was inspired by the experience of getting pregnant and going through some really harrowing situations in the health care system and realizing that “my experience was one that was shared by so many different Black birthing people.”

Despite the challenges faced during the creation of this series, including a painful miscarriage, Parris remained committed to its message. She sees “For the Culture” as a part of a larger process to shift conversations and effect change, especially for her son.

Parris recounted an incident where her husband and son were followed by the police, leading her to realize the urgency of changing the world for her child.

The series features a mix of familiar faces like comedian Larry Wilmore and new voices showcasing the diversity and beauty of Black experiences.

“For the Culture” is not just a documentary series; it’s a testament to resilience, a celebration of culture, and a call to action for a more inclusive and understanding world.