American Airlines “Absolutely” Considers Skin Color and Sex When Hiring Pilots

Shareholder Activists Call It “Insane” That Passenger Safety Comes Second to Woke Equity Agenda

Black Pilots

Washington, D.C. – American Airlines CEO Doug Parker today confirmed that the company “absolutely” prioritizes immutable characteristics such as skin color, sex and sexual orientation when hiring pilots.

During the company’s annual shareholder meeting, held virtually, Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Associate Ethan Peck submitted this question to Parker:

American Airlines makes no secret of its commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), especially as it pertains to hiring. Are these DEI policies also applied when hiring pilots?

Parker responded:

Oh, absolutely, of course. Both at the mainline and the regionals. And if anybody wants to see proof positive, take a look at a video we put out, “[Honoring a] Legacy of Firsts.” It’s on our website and in the newsroom. And it’ll show you the great work that we’re doing from a DEI perspective, especially with bringing black aviators to the business and then seeing their careers

Paul Pierre

really, really prosper, especially at American.

The exchange can be heard here.

“Illegal discrimination is evil in all situations, and equity-based discrimination is still just discrimination. In picking pilots, it’s straight up insane,” FEP Director Scott Shepard said after the meeting. “In its eagerness to stay woke despite ever-growing evidence that woke leads to failure, American Airlines is endangering lives and trashing its reputation.”

“Competence ought to take precedence over uninteresting immutable characteristics when evaluating candidates for any positions,” Peck agreed. “It’s bigoted to think otherwise. But when it comes to pilots, it’s not just nondiscrimination, morality and productivity on the line; its passengers’ lives.”