Anatomy of Violence

anatomyofviolence lAnatomy of Violence, written and directed by Deepa Mehta, pivots around a young woman, accompanied by her fiancé,


who both  boarded a bus in Delhi on December 16,, 2012.

History has recorded that she was gang-raped within inches of her life. Her fiancé and travelling companion was also very badly beaten. Both were eventually thrown off the bus; left for dead at the side of the road. She died two weeks later from her injuries. Her companion is still alive to tell the tale.


The outrage – both nationally and internationally – was loud and significant!


In the aftermath, those in authority were seen to have played “pass the buck” with none taking responsibility but all expressing media-worthy outrage. Yet, years later, nothing has really changed and this habit (?) – sadly – still continues.


Mehta’s script gives a painstakingly detailed, albeit imagined cultural and familial context to each of the six rapists, as well as to their victim; paralleling each of their individual lives before that fateful day when they all intersected.


A tireless champion of human rights, Mehta causes you to have equal emotions of empathy and disgust via their individual storylines. By doing this, she successfully explains the anatomy of violence that was perpetrated against their victim; all allegedly done with no remorse.


Please keep in mind that this happens all over the world … in every country … every day … and, sadly, most rapes go unreported.


Though tough to watch, this is an excellent,  insightful film


(Continuing TIFF screenings: Thurs Sept 15 at 3.30pm, and Sat Sept 17 at 9.30pm)