Andre Rose talks fitness

Buns Of Steel

Helping men get fit with workouts at home and at work

By Stephen Weir

Andre Rose

Jamaican fitness guru Andre Rose is holding a book launch tonight and he knows that everyone is going to want to look at his Buns of Steel.  No, not his rear end (although it’s  in fine shape). It will be about his just published book, Buns of Steel: The Unstoppable Pursuit Of Fitness.

The launch of his first book is taking place at the Brunswick Bierworks in York. Rose has spent the last two years working on the book that  is meant to help men get fit, healthy and age gracefully with a healthy mind and body. “This will help you break out of your mediocrity and negative mindset, and get you onto a new, exhilarating, passionate path of divine purpose and a life of freedom!”

“The time to think about your health isn’t once you turn 70. It is now when you can still do something,” he told the Caribbean Camera in a sit-down interview on Monday.  “Battling in the fat wars and being overweight is not a comfortable or healthy way to live. People dramatically shorten the length of their lives. Why do we get overweight? Quite simply by not doing enough physical activity.”

The 39-year old author is talking to all men – not just the super fit gym rats.  He discusses diet, health issues, recipes and workouts for the average guy who doesn’t have the time or money to religiously hit the health club.  He has designed workouts that can be done at home and at work.

Rose started getting serious about fitness at the age of 22 while he was working as a professional retail sales specialist, and personal shopper, for Collectibles in Kingston, Jamaica.  His boss, concerned about the lack of productivity amongst the employees, organized Tuesday and Thursday night exercise sessions at a nearby health club.  It didn’t take long to get him hooked.

When he came to Canada  eight years ago, as a refugee, he couldn’t afford keeping up the health club regime. He landed a job building mattresses in Vaughan and turned  eight hours of repetitive construction tasks – like building box springs — into body building exercises.

“That is not for everyone of course, but you can’t walk away from exercise just because you are at work,” he said.  “Regularly standing up, stretching and walk away from the computer can make a huge improvement on your health.”

Rose, a few months away from becoming a Canadian citizen and also turning 40, now works at Amazon during the day and at night he is the man with the steel butts.  In addition to his own regular workouts, he  has also created his own online underwear company that manufactures bamboo skivvies here in Toronto.

“When you work out, your thighs became more muscular and the crotch of your underwear gives out fairly quickly.” He found that bamboo absorbs moisture, is sustainable, and is an eco-friendly fiber.

Andre Rose is a true man in motion.  The new book, his underwear company, a soon to launch personal training programme, a book signing at Indigo and of course those buns of steel.




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