Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller launches new political party

Gina Miller

An activist who took the British Government to court over Brexit has launched her own political party.

Businesswoman Gina Miller’s new True and Fair party was unveiled to an almost empty room as she vowed ‘long overdue changes to British politics’.

Ms Miller made headlines in 2016 when she launched a constitutional challenge against the Government’s triggering of Article 50 during Brexit.

Miller was born Gina Nadira Singh in British Guiana to Savitri and Doodnauth Singh, who later became Attorney General of Guyana. She is of Indo-Guyanese descent. She grew up in the newly independent Guyana, and was sent to England by her parents at the age of 10 to be educated at the fee-paying private Moira House Girls School in Eastbourne. When she was 14, Guyana introduced strict currency controls that prevented their parents from continuing to send funds for Gina and her brother, so she took a summer job as a chambermaid in an Eastbourne hotel

The new True and Fair party will face off against the Conservatives and Labour in future political elections.

During the launch, Ms Miller accused the government of ‘lining their own pockets and those of their chums’.

She added: ‘Where are the consequences? In our outdated naive political system where trust and honour are supposed to be enough safeguards, a system we can all see blatantly does not work, we look to the Opposition to oppose and to put into words our fury. But their silence is often deafening.’

Gina Miller

Gift bags filled with mugs and hats with the party’s logo on it were left on empty chairs in the small conference room.   

The campaigner previously said: ‘This Government needs to be held to account. Voters deserve better than the current politics of incompetence and self-interest.’