Appeal for donations to purchase on-line learning devices for students in Trinidad and Tobago

Esla Lynch

The newly formed Project Equity of Toronto has launched an appeal for funds  to purchase  laptop computers, tablets and chromebooks for students in Trinidad badly  in need these devices.

Trinidad-born Elsa  Valaerie Lynch, a former school principal and founder of Project Equity, said that schools in  Trinidad and Tobago have been closed since last March and that over 60, 000 students in the country do not have access ” to the necessary devices to participate in online classes.”

“These students will surely be left behind,unless they are equipped with these devices, ” she told The Caribbean Camera.

Lynch who recently received a Trinidad and Tobago national award ( the Chaconia silver)  for her work in  the field of education, said that Project Equity has already started providing some equipment to Moulton  Hall Methodist school in Port of Spain – ” an inner-city primary school in Port of Spain, primarily serving children from socially and financially disadvantaged homes.”

But she noted that “approximately one-quarter of their students still do not have devices for on-line learning.

” Their parents can’t afford these devices. They also cannot afford to pay for private instruction during lockdown, and most critically, many of these parents are not equipped to assist their children with their education.”

Lynch is appealing to individuals and groups ” who care about children ” to purchase funds to purchase the devices.

Donations can be sent by E-transfer to