Appeal for liver donor

Rasheeda and Leonard De Franca

An urgent appeal has been launched in Toronto’s  Caribbean community for  a liver donor for 63-year old Rasheeda  De Franca , now a patient at the Toronto General hospital.

Trinidad-born De Franca who has been  living in Scarborough for 40 years, was first diagnosed with a liver problem about five years ago.

But according to her daughter, Diana, the problem  is now critical and her mother’s life is in danger.

” We were told by a liver specialist that my mother needs a transplant and I immediately  volunteered,” said Diana De Franca.

”  I was tested right away but it turned out that  I am not a suitable candidate ,”  she said.

“The prospective donor must be of B+ blood type and would have to do a series of medical tests to ensure that that person  is the right match,”

(Liver transplantation has become a well-recognized treatment option for people with liver failure. In Canada, over 400 such operations are performed every year.)

Diana De Franca said that she was told that many people in  the  Caribbean community may  be ” of the right  blood type and suitable donors.”

” So I have made appeals on  radio and television and I have put up flyers in  West Indian shops and restaurants,  requesting a donor .”

She explained that the prospective donor “would not be losing an entire liver. Only part  of  the organ  will  be surgically removed and  much of that person’s liver will regenerate itself.”

A person who  is willing to be a donor can contact Diana De Franca directly at . or .