Armstrong wins Markham regional council seat

By Gerald V. Paul

Nirmala Armstrong
Nirmala Armstrong

Nirmala Armstrong, regional councilor-elect for Markham, is promising to treat growth with a “steady and balanced” approach in a city that is experiencing significant urban sprawl.

A lawyer for the past 19 years, Armstrong told The Camera “I want to bring a balanced approach to our Markham Council, sharing the citizens’ voice and concerns.

“I love seeing Markham grow, but growth must be steady and balanced.

“Through years of service, I am knowledgeable of the concerns in Markham’s diverse community. As an experienced advocate and your regional councilor-elect, I will bring results through a balanced approach that will ensure that Markham grows in a viable manner for all its residents while its important qualities are preserved,” Armstrong said.

Trinidad and Tobago born Armstrong said that “incredible growth in population and industry requires an effective and balanced leader. I live and practise law in Markham and I’m truly encouraged by the growth and development.”

But Armstrong noted that growth is coming with a price. “Our infrastructure, sewers, traffic and energy have in the past never been so close to overcapacity.”

Armstrong was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal in 2002 and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in 2012 for her contributions to the community.

The past-president of Markham Unionville Rotary Club said she looks forward to improving public services, increasing transparency and accountability and planning for sustainable growth.