A sizzling hot 37th Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2024


A member of Trudynasty’s Evolve Section. Photo credit Thea Jackson

By Stephen Weir

Last Saturday, the city of Atlanta celebrated its 37th annual Atlanta Caribbean Carnival with colourful festivities and an impressive turnout. Known for marking the unofficial start of summer, the event drew over 10,000 attendees who braved the sizzling temperatures, reaching about 93 degrees.

The highlight of the carnival was the 4.5-mile parade, which featured over 15 masquerade Mas Bands. Dominica’s Asa Bantan, popularly known as the ‘Bouyon Boss’, served as the Grand Marshal. He not only led the parade but also performed at the post-parade concert held at Westside Park, creating a memorable experience for everyone present.

The heat did little to dampen the spirits of the revellers. Toronto-based costume designer Thea Jackson, who managed the Evolve section in the Alabama parade, described the day as “hotter than hot”. Despite a two-hour storm early in the morning, the weather cleared up, setting the stage for a day full of celebration and music.

Jackson, a seasoned participant of the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival, noted the seamless transition from the parade to the post-parade festivities at the park. “Masqueraders had a great time. As usual, the parade ended at a park where there was a stage and it was non-stop music all day,” she said.

In addition to enjoying the festivities, Jackson took the opportunity to promote the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, which takes place in August. Speaking from her car on Tuesday while returning to Toronto, she shared that many of her Atlanta masqueraders are now planning to join the Toronto Carnival, specifically with Jaamal Magloire’s Revellers.

For the upcoming Toronto Caribbean Carnival, Jackson’s (TruDynasty) section is themed “Akoya Pearl,” under the Mas Band’s theme of the Goddess Gaia, promising another round of stunning costumes and energetic performances.