Augustine-Kanu new ambassador to Belgium

C.J. Augustine-Kanu By Gerald V. Paul
C.J. Augustine-Kanu
By Gerald V. Paul

Former honourary consul general C.J. Agustine-Kanu has been appointed ambassador to Belgium where she will open a new Grenada embassy in Brussels.
Recently, she officially welcomed new Consul General Derrick James who was formally introduced by Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell when he was in Toronto.
“It’s been the most amazing experience working for the government of Grenada and the Toronto Consulate. As I take up this important (and new) diplomatic post as ambassador, I am blessed to say that this new position will be my fourth time working for the government of Grenada,” Augustine-Kanu noted.
She said of being both Canadian – her mom is Dr. Jean Augustine – and a Grenadian, this “dual-ness” has allowed her to raise the profile of Grenada in Toronto, across Ontario and throughout Canada, and also most importantly, internationally.
Augustine-Kanu has been known for connecting with the larger Caribbean Diaspora. “It has been such an honour to have served all of you both as nationals and friends of our beautiful tri-island nation in the various capacities and numerous inquiries that have been made over the past two years.”
She pledged to continue that same level of work and assistance overseas and to strengthen trade, services and donations and social development of Grenada and its nationals in Belgium and across Europe.