Augustine takes well-deserved break

By Gerald V. Paul

Dr. Jean Augustine, who has been there and done that, has retired as the first Ontario Fairness Commissioner.

Augustine, 77, who became the first Black woman to sit in the House of Commons when she was elected in 1993, retired Friday.

Previously, she has revealed that when she came to Canada in 1960 from Grenada, it was unusual to see somebody from an ethnic background in such a high position. “It says a lot about who we are as a society.”

Augustine has called fairness a broad ethical principle and difficult to define.

“Our work is based on principles of transparency, objectively, impartiality and fairness. I am very pleased that the regulated professions in Ontario are taking the principles of fairness seriously. Our system for improvement is showing results already,” she said.

“Because of our work, more people will have faster, fairer access to their professions. Fairer access to the profession is a key to a robust economy and a vibrant society.

“We have not only made a tangible difference in licensing processes, we have helped to change the conversation.”

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul