Back 2 Basickz Youth Services launches in Scarborough

Back 2 Basickz Youth Support Services is set to make a significant impact on the lives of Black youth in Scarborough as they launch their new location in partnership with Frontlines. The grand opening event is scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, 2024, from 3:30 – 7:00 pm at 880 Ellesmere Road (3rd floor), and promises a range of activities and programs designed to uplift and support the community.

Amanda Cooms

Amanda Coombs, Founder of Back 2 Basickz, is elated to give back to the very community that once supported her and her son during challenging times. She stated, “It’s full circle to go back – not as a service user, but as a service provider – to make a difference to youth.”

In collaboration with Frontlines, a local charity committed to addressing the pressing needs of vulnerable children and youth in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Back 2 Basickz has secured approximately $1 million in funding over five years for their B-YOU project (Black Youth Outreach United Project). The B-YOU project is set to provide culturally appropriate programs for Black youth aged 12 to 21 in Scarborough, encompassing both students and non-students who are at risk of involvement in the justice system.

Stachen Frederick

The program’s core areas of focus include employment opportunities, encompassing job shadowing, entrepreneur workshops, and referrals; educational support, including free tutoring, post-secondary guidance, and volunteering; mental health services, spanning emergency crisis intervention and counseling; along with fostering positive peer relationships, through one-to-one interactions and group engagements.

Stachen Frederick, Executive Director of Frontlines Toronto, is poised to become a mentor to Coombs and her team as Back 2 Basickz expands its reach. Frederick emphasized the crucial role of grassroots organizations in communities and the profound impact of Frontlines’ funding and support.

Funding for the B-YOU project is provided by the Crime Prevention Action Fund through Public Safety of Canada, with three other organizations, namely Helping Hands, Challenge the Outcome Youth Services, and Student Leadership Youth Empowerment, also benefiting from this initiative.

Additional program launches are slated for February and March 2024, promising further support and resources for Scarborough’s Black youth.

Back 2 Basickz was established in 2013. Back 2 Basickz Youth Support Services is dedicated to creating a safe space for marginalized and racialized youth. Frontlines Toronto is a dynamic and innovative youth-focused organization with a mission to address the pressing needs of Canada’s most vulnerable youth, particularly BIPOC youth aged 6 to 29.