Backward, ever – shame, Guyana!

Eyes PhotoA concerned Guyanese Diaspora and parts of the Caribbean family are witnessing daily violent crimes and curtailment of freedom of the press in their native land.

Among the more recent atrocities, a Canadian-connected family of an elderly husband and wife rice farmers were killed as their home burned to the ground. Then a young man who was recently married was robbed and killed in the city of Georgetown. They were all of the East Indian population in Guyana.

But where is the ABC (America / Britain / Canada) outcry? Where are the once vocal diplomats calling for ACTION in Guyana?

They are all dormant, like de monkey nah see, nah hear, nah speak! What a crying shame. What wickedness when it comes to this current government because they are a puppet for foreign interests – just like the PNC / Burnham regime.

Meanwhile we see death, destruction and crimes coupled with no interest from the Guyana government in the areas of the sugar and rice industries. A deliberate cleansing of the economic viability of a certain kind of the population of Guyana? Remember Wismar-MacKekenzie?

Lord, have mercy!

Guyana is in the top 10 of most dangerous places to live in the Caribbean.

Eyesers, a study by News America Now (NAN) compared murder rates from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime for every 100,000 people in Caribbean nations to the U.S and found that you are 5.1 times more likely to be murdered in Guyana than in the U.S. as 19 in every 100,000 people are murdered annually in Guyana compared to about four in the United States.

What a country, backward, ever into mental slavery, a basket case, yet the Caribbean’s food basket, next to Haiti. Why, Guyana, why?

Why must you live in grinding poverty and bloody injustice laced with man’s inhumanity to man? Why must you live in the darkness of political payback – eye-fuh- eye, duh fuh duh, nah obeah – given the potential of your 83,000 square miles of God’s glorious creation?

Why chose death over life? Why, O beautiful Guyana, dear land of Guyana, my Guyana.

Guyana-born Prof. Bobby Gossai shared these thoughts with the Eyes Guy: “High Crime Rate in Guyana; Citizens Sue the Gov’t; Is Guyana Gov’t a Front for Crime?

But allyuh look story, eh. Not a laughing matter but a crying shame!

Gossai said, “With great discomfort and with much concern I weep with bitter tears for the people of Guyana who have been terrorized with violent crime, as the government has a laid-back attitude. This made me wonder if the government itself is a front for crime.

“The high rate of brutal crime on a daily basis is unfair and unjust and represents a deeply flawed government. Safety itself in this nation is in fear. One of the basic fundamental duties of a government is to protect its people,” the law professor noted.

Gossai, conversant with Guyana’s 28 years of rigged elections and brutal dictatorship under the Burnham / PNC leadership, continued, “This government has failed to (protect its people). Public confidence in the government has diminished. It is time now for the citizens to sue the government for failing to protect them. “

He contends that government, if it fails to protect its citizens, is placing its citizens in danger.

“Simply speaking, the government has failed to protect citizens’ due process and human rights by failing to combat crimes. This can be considered as government creating a danger and it can be liable.”

The concerned son of Guyana stressed that when government assumes control over individuals, it has an affirmative duty to provide protection for each individual. If not, this failure creates a dangerous atmosphere for the people and others who may plan to visit.

Simply put, government is the guardian of society. It assumes a fiduciary role for the nation therefore it is the responsibility of the government to take reasonable steps to provide for the safety and protection of its people against present and foreseeable risk, he explained.

“Now this: Parliament must stop debating unnecessary bills and pay more attention to solve the immediate crisis (crimes) in Guyana,” Gossai concluded.

Given that President David Granger is an army guy with security expertise, one wonders why he is pussyfooting on the killings and crimes file. And methinks his security minister is not seeing too well, looking for jumbies in all da wrong places, spending precious time investigating the former government and turning a blind eye to the fundamental right of citizen safety.

Nuff said.