Bad Lad celebrates 65th birthday

By Jamil Asinia

Ian Gould, popularly known as DJ Bad Lad, celebrated his 65th birthday at The District Lounge on Kingston Road in Pickering. Almost 150 people were in attendance, including his eldest brother Jamil Asinia who, together with one of his granddaughters Kamaia, came in from New York.

Ian ‘Bad Lad’ Gould and Adel AkA Future the Prince who is Drake’s manager

Also present at the event were Bad Lad’s sister Ianthe Best and his children, Monique Clark and Marlon Silvera. Marlon and Dass Line perform across Canada as “D’Enforcas’’, one of the nation’s top Soca groups.

Guests were asked to reflect and share on their interaction with Bad Lad. “I only have good things to say. Ian is a very kind and considerate person who would give you the shirt off his back; it’s a big shirt. He has a good heart, a heart of Gould. I wish him a happy birthday,’’ said DJ G98.7 KERRY, aka BABY BLUE.

Melissa Jacob, another speaker, said: “I just want to share a story of me and my husband of 20 years. I met my husband in Trinidad. I went to the Soca Monarch, my husband needed a ride home and it was Bad Lad who was so gracious doing a favour of dropping my husband home, and now we are together 20 years after that pleasure.’’

Another friend and speaker who joined the birthday celebration was Adel Future, The Prince. He’s the manager of award-winning Canadian artiste Drake. “I would not be standing here if was not for this man; he raised me, he taught me,’’ said The Prince.

“He taught me nothing about DJ; he taught me nothing about music; he taught me nothing about any of those things. He taught me of how to be a man. He always taught me about being honest, having integrity, taking care of your family, and taking care of your friends, and he’s always been there for me.’’

Drake’s manger promised that he’ll “always be there’’ for Bad Lad. “I’m happy that he introduced me to all these wonderful people here today, who are here to celebrate with him. Just fortunate and grateful and lucky,’’ he said. “It’s strange how life works; my high school was five blocks away from Bad Lad Music. I used to walk by every day; one day, I decided to walk in. The day I walked in I met this man (Bad Lad) and I never walked out of that building ever again. So, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to look as good, sound as good, feel as good as you at 65 years old. I want to tell him in front of everyone here that I love him for myself, for my family and for everybody.’’

Karen Domingue-Reindorf, a cousin of Bad Lad, used the opportunity to thank him. She wished him happy birthday and, on behalf of family members, thanked him “for all the years of music’’, and praised him for “the parties and the weddings and just for being who he is. Thanks very much, Ian. Again, happy birthday from your cousins”.

Bad Lad, in his remarks, thanked all for celebrating with him, making special mention of Richard Luces: “Richard helped me out very much on the business part that I’m now into,’’ Bad Lad said.

Altogether, it was a virtual list of “Who’s who’’ of professionals and celebrities from Canada and the U.S. at Bad Lad’s birthday bash. The list included Dr. Belcon; Dr. Tyron; Selwyn Woods; Louis Saldenah; Strawberry Love from Detroit; Connector; Jaxx; BMW; D.J. Naughty V, 105.5; D.J. D. O. C.; Dynamic Sound Crew; D.J. Rock The House; D.J. Slim; D.J. Dave Gibbs; D.J. Jam Nations; and The Godfather MACEO.