Bahamas bishop named in Panama Papers

 Bishop Solomon Humes

Bishop Solomon Humes

NASSAU, Bahamas – A Bahamian bishop named in a tax haven controversy involving British Prime Minister David Cameron’s father, allegedly helped to establish an offshore fund in The Bahamas to enable Cameron’s father avoid paying taxes in the U.K., according to international reports.

The reports came after 11 million documents were leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca to a German newspaper, which shared the information with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) to help analyze the documents.

The files reportedly show how Mossack Fonseca helped clients dodge sanctions and avoid taxes.

According to the ICIJ, Ian Cameron helped create and develop Blairmore Holdings, which was incorporated in Panama but based in The Bahamas.

According to Guardian UK, Bishop Solomon Humes, now deceased, was among a “small army” of Bahamians hired at Blairmore Holdings Inc. to sign paperwork in an effort to keep the company exempt from paying taxes.

“Their job was to sign paperwork and fill roles such as treasurer and secretary,” the newspaper wrote.

“They included the late Solomon Humes, a lay bishop with the non-denominational Church of God of Prophecy. He acted in various roles including vice-president over a number of years from the mid-1990s.”

The Bahamas is listed as the third most popular tax haven based on ICIJ data.