Bandleader Belasco launches ‘ Looking into D Future’

Hundreds  of  carnival  aficionados showed up  on Saturday for the launching of Whitfield Belasco’s” Looking into D future” at the Toronto Plaza hotel  on Wilson Avenue.

The  veteran carnival artiste and bandleader  impressed mas’ enthusiasts  with no fewer than  seven sections of  amazing “futuristic presentations  – equality, equity, hope for the future, freedom, prosperity,  golden opportunity and serenity

Among the more popular sections were Serenity and Equality.

“Serenity is in purple and white and equality, black and white. I think those sections will sell out quickly,” said Belasco.

He noted that the average price of the costumes is $200 ” and we are hoping to get  350 to 400 people on the road come Carnival Day.”

Belasco explained that  “big difference between us and the other bands is that we are not just a bikini band.”

” We cater to a  mature crowd and we have all kinds of costumes to suit different tastes. This is not to say, however, that we would not  have someone in the band in thongs.”

” But let me point out: We have everything to make people comfortable”

Sherwin Modeste, his 2017 king of the band, will be portraying “Evolution of Man” in keeping with the band’s “futuristic theme.”

And his  2017 queen of the band will be Asha Jodah.

Without giving away much information about the queen’s costume, Belasco said it will also be ”  a futuristic design.”

Belasco said all  costumes in the band will be designed by himself and Walter Elliot.

“Walter has been designing  for me for a few years. He has the ability to interpret my ideas and bring them to life.” he added.

” Our  main sponsor is the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and we will have at least 100 union members in the band,”  he noted.

Belasco announced that his mas’ camp will be at  1747  St Clair Avenue West.

He said it will  open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays  and “of course, for longer hours”  on weekends.