Barbados Anglican Church says no to same-sex marriage


Bishop Michael Maxwell

The Anglican Church in Barbados is maintaining its position that marriage is an institution for a man and a woman, and will not be endorsing same-sex unions.

That was made clear by Bishop Michael Maxwell, who said that as “homosexual unions are becoming far more prevalent now, there are even some who are saying that the church is outdated because it is not seeking to recognise the same-sex unions”.

He stressed that, based on the Scriptures, marriage was between a man and a woman, and therefore it could not endorse same-sex unions.

Maxwell, speaking to media at his offices at Christ Church Parish Church last Friday, said the term marriage had now been replaced with “union”. Nevertheless, in the Caribbean at this time, “we are not involved in the blessing of same-sex unions”.

“It is not a case of us not appreciating what people are going through, nor are we saying that they are any worse than others who are heterosexuals. It is just that, based on our understanding of the biblical scripture, it is for a man and a woman.”