Barbados consul general calls for the establishment of a Caribbean cricket association in Toronto

Sonia Marville-Carter

Sonia Marville-Carter, Consul General  of Barbados in Toronto, has called on members of the Caribbean consular corps to “reach out to the diaspora” to discuss the future development of Caribbean cricket.

Marville-Carter was speaking at a meeting of the consular corps to discuss the promotion of the sport in Ontario.

She also suggested that a Caribbean Cricket Association should be established in Toronto.

“Since all the Caribbean islands do not have large numbers of cricketers or teams here in Toronto, we can come together and have players from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean islands in one association,” she said.

Kenneth Jeffers, president of the Ontario School Cricket Association (OSCA), has called on the Caribbean consular corps to develop a plan “ to promote and develop cricket among

Tracey Ramsubagh-Mannette

Caribbean youth, together with the Ministry of Education and Ontario Premier Doug Ford.”

He noted  a current lack of interest in cricket “among young people of Caribbean background in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) ”

Kenneth Jeffers