Be respectful of each other as we turn the pandemic corner


Be respectful of each other as we turn the pandemic corner


After a harrowing two years, our society has begun reopening as the SARS Cov-2 (the virus that causes the Covid-19 disease) slouches off to the dark corners, contagious as before but far less virulent as it was in its heyday. Bravo! Or should we say “bravo!”, because the virus can still do damage as it enters its endemic stage.

Still, there is reason for muted celebration because it’s been weeks now that fewer people are suffering from COVID-19, and when they do, they are not sick enough to warrant a visit or admission to the hospital. The emergency ward and ICU rooms are slowly emptying out, making room for people suffering from other ailments but could not get the treatment they deserve. We know that the lack of care for these people resulted in deaths that normally could have been avoided.

As we quietly celebrate the tentative reopening steps, we know that the obvious physical damage the virus causes will recede sooner than the fear that it engendered. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this, as fear and the extent to which it is felt varies from person to person. And each must be helped along the way by how the less fearful behave; remember that we are not yet out of the woods, so we must take due consideration of other people’s feelings and act accordingly. In other words, be considerate – wear a mask when asked, and inform people of your vaccine status when requested to do so.

If we stay focused and considerate we will be helping ourselves, our fellow travelers as we bid this unprecedented scourge good riddance.

To help you along the way here’s the Roadmap Exit Step provided by the Government of Ontario. As of March 1, 2022:

– All indoor and outdoor capacity limits are lifted, including for all businesses, public gatherings and events.

– Proof of vaccination requirements to access the indoor areas of businesses, organizations and public spaces are lifted.

– Industry-specific public health measures are lifted, subject to conditions.

Mask Requirements

Masks continue to be required under provincial regulations, subject to the same exemptions as in previous steps of reopening. Exemptions include:

– Attending a school, private school, childcare program, day camp or overnight camp operated in accordance with provincial requirements

– Performing or rehearsing in a film or television production or in a concert, artistic event, theatrical performance or other performance

-Temporarily removing a mask for a service that requires removal (i.e. facial)

– Engaging in an athletic or fitness activity

– Consuming food or drink

– Removing a mask for the purposes of health and safety

Masks must continue to be worn in the indoor area of a business or organization and in any vehicle that is operating as part of a business or organization.

The City’s mask bylaws also remain in effect.

Proof of Vaccination

Continuation of proof of vaccination requirements is now the decision of individual businesses, organizations and event organizers.

The City is not requiring proof of vaccination to access City services or facilities.