Benefit performance raises funds for hurricane relief

Kerwin DuBois, Dr Jay and Lyrikal

The recent “Caribbean relief and rhythms” benefit performance, organized by the Caribana Arts Group (CAG) in association with the Phoenix Concert theatre, has raised $15,000 to assist several hurricane-battered islands.

CAG Chairman Monica Pollard said the funds will be sent to Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Cuba and St. Maarten.

She also reported that more than 300 pounds of  “urgently needed non-perishable items” donated by patrons at the event have been shipped to Dominica.”

” Caribana is willing to do what it can to help the community,” Pollard told the Caribbean Camera.

She said that after she attended an Antigua and Barbuda hurricane relief meeting, she decided ” to put on a fundraising event.”

” Lisa Zbitnew, the owner of the Phoenix Concert theatre. was also thinking of  staging a fundraising. So we got together and within a few days we were able to organize the event which was held on September 27,” Pollard said.

“Lisa went all out with her team and did a marvellous job, acquiring some big names artistes who donated their time and talent to the event. ”

Among the artistes were multi Juno Award Winner Exco Levi, and Soca For Life creators Kerwin DuBois and  Lyrikal.

A bank account, set up to receive donations prior to the fundraising event, will remain open throughout October.

Donations  can be sent to TD Bank (Transit Number 1020 – Account Number 5526306).