Bermuda calls elections for October 1

David Burt

A General Election is to be held on October 1.

In his announcement,  Premier David Burt stated that it would help the island to focus on rebuilding the economy and creating more opportunities for Bermudians.

 “The prospect of a series of by-elections does not represent the best use of the public purse at this time but a General Election by which the people of Bermuda will safely cast their votes will allow us to devote our efforts to the rebuilding of our economy and the creation of greater opportunity for Bermudians who have shown strength and commitment to each other during this challenging period.”

Mr Burt asked: “Do we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on three, four, five or more by-elections and then have to pay for a General Election?

“Or, is it more financially prudent to just go ahead and call a General Election and allow those MPs who wish to retire the opportunity to do so? …I chose the option that saves Bermudian taxpayers money.

“I also thought about the 20 months of bickering that a series of by-elections would bring.

“Instead of subjecting Bermudians to months of division, I found it prudent to call a General Election that would allow the Government chosen by the people to focus squarely on our economic recovery and make tough choices.

Mr Burt added: “The truth is, tough times lie ahead, and the Government needs the backing of the people to make the hard decisions today that will benefit all Bermudians in the long run.

“On October 1, Bermudians will choose who they want to lead us through these trying times and the economic recovery…we ably led us through to the new normal and now we seek your support to rebuild the economy in a way that works for all Bermudians, and not just the rich and powerful who have always had it all.

“Bermuda and the world have changed since the last election. These times require capable, steady and proven leadership — leadership that cares for Bermudians, is focused on ably managing the coronavirus and our economic recovery, providing affordable healthcare, and phasing out middle schools.

“We need strong leadership, solid plans for the future, and vision to see us through to better times…It is in difficult times like these that we ask for your support, because we are working to keep our promises and we are working every day to put Bermudians like you first.”

Mr Burt said that the deadline to register to vote is August 29 and that nomination day will be on September 10.