Beware of the traitors on board

Letter To the Editor

Beware of the traitors on board

Dear Editor

Last week your editorial started well. Then to my complete surprise, it took a strange, strange turn, as a motor car careening out of control.

Now let me make it clear: I totally agree with Marcus Garvey that we should publish our own material, as noted in your editorial

But for some unexplained reason about halfway down the editorial, it went South and this has left me puzzled and disappointed.

The editorial turned to the problems we have been having with mainstream media and the need  to report news about our community  which is often  ignored by the “big papers.”

Let’s face it: these problems are not new.

What is relatively new and certainly deserves serious editorial attention is a situation which Share newspaper  in  Toronto has described as ” a change in  the overall newspaper environment ” – an environment in which, I daresay,  community newspapers such as Share and The Caribbean Camera could well become a thing of the past.

That, Mr. Editorial Writer, is the major problem facing the genuine community newspapers.

Share referred to the change in the newspaper environment back in  May 2018 when the then weekly paper announced that it will be published every other week.

 I believe that that change referred to some extent to the arrival of “outsiders” in the community newspaper market.

These “outsiders,” with their fat glossy newspapers. are hell bent on fooling our community into believing that their papers are the genuine items.

Of course, anyone is free to launch his or her own newspaper.

But we, as Caribbean  people, should take the trouble to inform ourselves which are the genuine Caribbean newspapers and which are not.

Are we aware of the imposters in our midst?

Beware of the traitors on board.

Mr. Editorial Writer, I look forward to a careful examination of this issue.

Yours truly,

John Blunt