Black Action Defense Committee ‘ horrified’ at police shooting in Brampton

De Andre Campbell

The Black Action Defense Committee (BADC) has condemned the police shooting of De Andre Campbell, 26,  at his home in Brampton.

Campbell, was killed inside his home on Sawston Circle, in the area of Edenbrook Hill Drive and Bovaird Drive, after Peel Regional Police were called to the location around 5:30 p.m. on April 6 last.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which has taken over the probe, said preliminary information indicates that two officers discharged conducted energy weapons before one of the officers fired his gun multiple times.

Campbell died at the scene.

In a press release, BADC said that  it is ” horrified, exasperated and filled with righteous indignation that, despite our best efforts to have responsible policing,  we are faced with yet another brutal display of excessive force.”

“How much more must we in the Black community endure?” BADC asked.

And Campbell’s family is calling for more mental health training for police officers. According to the family, De Andre Campbell was the one who called police to the home on April 6 last. They said he had mental health issues and that police had been to the home several times in the past and should have known they were dealing with a mental health patient. 

Noting his concern about yet another police shooting of a Black man, Louis March, founder of the Zero Gun Violence Movement of Toronto, asked whatever happened to the pilot project on body-worn cameras by police officers.

 “This is the perfect  case  where a turned on body- worn camera would provide answers to the many questions by family and community – along with providing facts for the SIU investigation,” March said.

“Enough is enough,” he remarked.