Black Daddies to hold strategy session at annual picnic

By Jasminee Sahoye

Brandon Hay
Brandon Hay

When the Black Daddies Club meets at its annual family and friends picnic on Sunday  at Petticoat Creek  Parkin Pickering, the major theme for discussion will be identifying strategies that Black parents can employ to support their children.

Brandon Hay who founded the club in 2007, said theme was chosen because many Black parents living in the Greater Toronto Area face various challenges during the school year and sometimes do not know about the resources that are available to them.

Hay noted that for parents of Black school-aged children, each school year brings with it questions that require answers.

” For example, how do we engage effectively with our children, their teachers and the school system?; What are the safe and positive spaces that our children can access after school?; Where are these safe and positive spaces located?And what should we know about how to deal with the Children’s Aid Society?”

“This event will be a part of the Breaking Bread series that will culminate in our 10th anniversary co-created initiative entitled the Black Love Matters 2017 Un-Conference. Spread throughout 2017, the Un-Conference will be held at venues across the Greater Toronto Area,” said Hay in a release.

The Picnic is a potluck event, but food will also be on sale.  Features include activities for children such as pool, splash pad, tug-o’-war, bike trails and soccer;  for parents and guardians, such as discussion, opportunities for and networking and those who are not parents; such as liming and relaxing, music, hiking, pool, bird watching, getting out of the city and networking.

Free shuttle services are available.

For more information visit their website or email Brandon at or Darlene at

You can also call Brandon at 416-951-6075.