Black Health Alliance & Innovate Inclusion promoting culturally safe mental health care

Sarah Juma

Black Health Alliance and Innovate Inclusion are on a mission to connect 200 Black frontline and essential workers to mental health care.

Launched last Wednesday, January 12, the program will accept applications from Black frontline and essential workers who reside in Ontario and Quebec. Once the application is processed, those eligible will be connected to a mental health professional for five free one hour sessions

This vital initiative is being delivered as part of Innovate Inclusion’s ongoing effort to create access to services for historically excluded community members.

“As we are faced with increased restrictions and specialized policies due to the pandemic it’s important that the Black community normalizes seeking support from mental health professionals.” said Sarah Juma, CEO of Innovate Inclusion. “In an effort to develop a safe space, we have curated a list of professionals who identify as Black and operate from an anti-racism framework that takes into consideration the unique traumas faced by our community.”

“Culturally safe mental health care is a necessity. As the pandemic exacerbates what is an already growing crisis for many Black Ontarians and Quebecers, it is important that we partner across sectors to develop novel approaches to increase access and eliminate barriers to the care that people need. This is what our partnership with Innovate Inclusion and this initiative is designed to do.” Paul Bailey, Executive Director, Black Health Alliance.

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Sarah Juma

In 2020 Innovate Inclusion launched the Black Entrepreneur Mental Health Initiative (BEMHI) in direct response to increased anxieties felt by founders due to the pandemic. This year BEHMI is expanding to offer services to essential workers across Ontario and Quebec. For more information visit

Innovate Inclusion is a Canadian not-for-profit that advocates for the economic success of historically excluded entrepreneurs and tech talent through conducting research, creating access, and raising awareness. For more information about Innovate Inclusion, please visit or email

The Black Health Alliance is a community-led registered charity working to improve the health and well-being of Black communities in Canada. For more information about The Black Health Alliance please visit: or email info@blackhealthalliance.