Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter

Yes, Black Lives Matter.

And as we celebrate  the legacy of Black Canadians during this month, proclaimed as Black History Month, we note with elation that there is now greater awareness in our own Caribbean community  and indeed in the wider Canadian society, that Black Lives Do Matter.

The  chants of Black Lives Matter were heard loud and clear around the world last year with the tragic passing of one George Floyd in the United States – yet another Black victim of  police violence.

But  Floyd’s death has given new life to the Black Lives Matter movement which has been active in Canada, leading many protest demonstations against Black racism and police brutality.

In his statement on Black History Month 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted ” the  incredible impact of  young  Black change makers who took to the streets last year and continue to fight to make a difference.”

“We felt their anger, heartbreak, and frustration, and heard their calls for accountability, justice, and equality, ” said Prime Minister Trudeau.

And he noted that “with the pandemic further highlighting social, health, and economic disparities for racialized Canadians, religious minorities, and Indigenous peoples, we know we must act now to address these complex and long-standing issues.”

To that we say Amen.

And as Toronto Mayor John Tory noted on Monday in proclaiming Black History Month, while we spend time honouring the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians, “we are reminded of the work that lies ahead in building a better, more inclusive and equitable city for all.”

Tory pointed out  that this year’s celebrations are ” more important than ever as we acknowledge the protests that occurred in 2020 and the reality that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on Black residents in our city.”

Let us hope that  the messages of both Prime Minister Trudeau and Mayor Tory resonates in the hearts and minds of people of all races as we move on to a higher level of enlighment that brings with it equality, real justice and peace.

Happy Black History Month to all our readers.