BLMTO stages blockade outside SIU headquarters

By Gerald V. Paul

Blak Liv Black Lives Matter Toronto  staged a blockade outside the Special Investigations Unit (SIU)  headquarters  in Mississauga,  on  Wednesday  to protest of the death of Abdirahman Abdi.

Abdi, a Somali-Canadian man,  was shot by  police in Ottawa last July 24 .The shooting  drew renewed public criticism of the deaths of Black men in confrontation with the police .

According to neighbours, Abdi was alleged to have had  an unspecified mental illness.

Community leader Debbi Douglas told The Caribbean  Camera that she was pleased that “ young activists are taking up the cause. We need to hold the SIU accountable.”

“ We need  to have a serious,  comprehensive, transparent review of the SIU practices,” she added.

She said she is  hoping  the community will come out in full support for BLMTO as they fight for social justice, in the quest for change.