Book equates vagina with power

Sandy Daley
Sandy Daley

“So is it still mine, Sandy?” the ‘almost-pastor’ enquired
He went on to say, “Hopefully you have not been giving my p—- away to anyone?”
Sandy Daley thought “Whose vagina is it, really?” and a book was born.
Jamaica-born and Toronto bred Daley explains Whose Vagina is it, Really? this way: “The power of the vagina, or the power of the P as many would call it, is a real, viable and attainable thing. He who holds the key to the vagina maintains the control. Many would say that the world is about two things – power and control.”
So she stresses in her book the need to control the vagina to maintain your power.
But does it belong to you?
Daley asks, “Is there ever a time when your vagina belongs to you and you alone, besides the times when you are using the bathroom? Ever wonder why it is in such high demand by everyone?”
Calling her book an ideal teaching tool for girls and men, Daley says that in her quest for answers she was faced by the fact women are still viewed as mainly objects of desire and that their lives are never one dimensional.
While Daley tells women to use their vaginas to make things work for them at home or men may be tempted to stray, she still advises women to be independent.
“Act like an individual and get your own life” and “if he ever hits you, leave him immediately. No woman deserves to be abused.”
Daley says an abused woman will forever doubt herself and her abilities but “your children will understand and love you no matter what.”
Whose Vagina is it, Really? is available at A Different Booklist at Bloor and Bathurst and on Amazon.