Born to Worship

Through Our Eyes, with Gerald Paul

BibleO worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness (Psalm 96:9).

We were born to Worship. Glory! As an Ordained Minister/ Associate Editor here at The Camera, I continue to serve these glorious 20 years in this work of faith and labour of love, envisioned with worship… what I do. Glory!

Eyesers, the particular word translated “beauty” here is a somewhat rare word. Our English word ‘beauty” does most perfectly express the real meaning of the word, of which it is a translation. It suggests honour, or glory, or beauty, not as a decoration, but as an intrinsic value, an inherent quality. “Beauty” here, the thought is that of an inherent quality, not a decoration, not something put on as from without, but something manifest to the eye, and appealing to the emotion and the mind, as being in itself glorious and beautiful, and yet belonging essentially to the fact with which we are brought into contact.

It’s a clarion cry ….calling all mortals to worship, and so incidentally revealing the true nature of worship. Ah! Yes, this call is so poetic, and full of beauty there is a revelation of the deep meaning of worship, of its abiding condition, and glory.

“O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” The supreme thing in worship. But how is worship to be rendered? “In the beauty of holiness.” Wherever you find beauty, it is the outcome of holiness. Wherever that beauty as the outcome of holiness that beauty in itself is incense, is worship. To attempt to worship in another way is to fail. To live the life of holiness is to live the life of beauty, and that is to worship.

What is worship? The essential and simple meaning of the word, and therefore the fundamental thought is that of prostration, of bowing down. Worships suggests that attitude which recognizes the throne, which recognizes superiority: that element of life which takes the low place of absolute reverence in the presence of that which takes hold upon the life and compels it. It is a word full of force and compels us to the attitude of reverence.

Yes, dearly beloved, the flowers that blossom on the sod are worshipping God. But how are they worshipping? They are worshipping by their beauty. And that is the law of God; and is to the laws of their life, not by effort, not by garments other than the garments essential glory wrought out from their inner life, they worship. They worship in beauty because they worship in holiness! Glory! Ah! But as enter to …worship? We leave to serve!