Brampton batman gets a batmobile

By Jasminee Sahoye

It’s every young male’s dreams to be Batman. They often times urge their parents to get them the outfit and/or the batmobile replica especially during Christmas and Halloween.
But for one man, this dream has become a reality.
As a teenager, Stephen Lawrence was called the “Dark Knight”, the nickname for Batman. He has lived up to the name by acquiring not just a Batman outfit, but a real Batmobile.

Stephen Lawrence

Lawrence, who has become a celebrity in Brampton as the ‘Brampton Batman’, was first nicknamed after Batman at aged 14 by his high school colleagues when he caught a thief in Markville mall, Markham.
“I’ve always been a dark knight, the outfit is just me inside out,” he told a local TV morning show in Scarborough.
He has been patrolling the streets of Brampton every night into the wee hours of the morning for almost a year, after finishing his regular job at 10 p.m. Few knew who he was until recently, when he decided to reveal his name and make an appearance on CTV’s Morning Show.
Lawrence said that he always wanted a real Batmobile to fulfil his dream of being Batman.
“The Batmobile has been seen on the streets of Brampton and Orangeville, so the videos on cellphones of course have been brought to me with excitement and jubilation. When I saw it, I thought to myself as a regular person, I would never attain something like this. Life events saw that I had the opportunity, so I sought the Batmobile and I asked if I would be able to purchase it and I got the dream come true of a yes.”
Lawrence will soon be seen driving around Brampton in his prized possession, which has the vanity plate “Dark Knight”. He says he has presented himself to the police in an effort to avoid being pulled over or be seen as taking the law into his own hands.
He adds that the police have been supportive of who he is and what he his intentions are – looking out for others who may need a helping hand.